Brexit, exams, trying for a child: How to cope when life is in limbo


Living with uncertainty could be excruciating, whether or not it’s local weather change, the following Brexit blow or questioning what’s making your accomplice late. Fortunately there are methods to construct resilience


16 October 2019

TWO minutes, 58 seconds. Two minutes, 59 seconds. Three minutes. One blue line or two? Our lives are filled with moments the place we maintain our breath, ready, our future in the steadiness. Whether it is three minutes for a being pregnant check, three months for an examination end result or three years to discover out what’s going to occur with Brexit, time spent ready for the information that might change the whole lot could be full of pleasure and hope, or concern and nervousness.

Now although, we’re beginning to perceive how our capability for dealing with such uncertainty varies, and the toll that not coping effectively can tackle our bodily and psychological well being. With that comes the revelation that our potential to tolerate durations dwelling in limbo has really decreased over the previous few a long time. That has profound implications for many points of our lives – from the medical recommendation we’re given and selections we make about it to how we cope with occasions of private battle, political upheaval and even longer-term existential threats like local weather change.

Thankfully there are methods to establish how tolerant we every are to spells of uncertainty that invade our lives, and strategies we will use to handle and construct resilience to them. It could also be true that nothing in life is sure, however we will all learn the way to traverse life’s limbos higher and emerge from them comparatively unscathed.


“It’s more stressful not knowing if a shock is coming than knowing you’ll definitely get zapped”

Limbo is, after all, the primary circle of hell in Dante’s …


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