Hope and caution during infertility treatment


Many years in the past, I labored for a reproductive endocrinologist who hosted a yearly gathering of former sufferers. It was there that I encountered a girl holding toddler twin daughters. When I congratulated her on her twins, she had these ideas to share: “I’m a psychiatrist and I hope you’ll pass this on. Please tell people not to worry about being positive and hopeful. I abandoned hope and went through my last IVF cycle as the queen of negativity.” Then she held up her twins and mentioned, “And this is what I got. Please reassure people that they don’t have to stay positive.”

Over the years, I’ve come to imagine that managing hope is a serious problem during infertility treatment. This story illustrates one aspect of the problem: does it matter if one is hopeful during a treatment cycle? Some sufferers work very exhausting to stay constructive and to nurture hope, whereas others, just like the mother within the story, experience a wave of negativity. People in each teams have wholesome pregnancies. And sadly, there are members of each teams who meet repeated disappointment.

Managing hope is much more difficult relating to the massive image, trying past a selected cycle and to the query of when sufficient is sufficient. During infertility therapies, there are individuals who stay hopeful when odds are towards them and others who lose hope when check outcomes and treatment responses appear promising.

Managing hope during infertility

A couple of components that contribute to or scale back your sense of hopefulness are:

Personal historical past. Some folks come to infertility with a historical past of fine luck and success, an abiding perception that issues work out for them. Their historical past fuels their hope.

Determination. Threaded all through the infertility inhabitants are some fairly decided folks. These exhausting employees have been rewarded for his or her efforts on the job and in different areas of their lives. They assume that in the event that they learn extensively on infertility, analysis the very best docs, eat a “fertility diet,” and incorporate acceptable various therapies, they may reach having a child.

Doctor-patient relationship. Communication between docs who deal with infertility and their sufferers performs a major function in fueling or deflating hope. Good docs do their greatest to advertise an acceptable stage of hope. They imagine that doing proper by their sufferers means serving to them pursue treatment that has an affordable probability of working, and serving to them go away treatment that’s unlikely to work. Sadly, there are occasions when folks stay in unsuccessful treatment as a result of their docs are reluctant to be the bearers of unhealthy information.

Fellow vacationers and religion

Fellow vacationers. Infertility sufferers deal with the stresses of infertility by discovering one another. Waiting rooms, help teams, and on-line chats all join infertility sufferers. While it may be painful to be taught that a fellow infertility traveler has turn into pregnant towards all odds, this type of information fuels hope. Alternatively, seeing a fellow infertility traveler transfer fortunately on to adoption or egg donation can redirect hope. An choice that after appeared like “what you do when you give up” now brings new potentialities.

Faith. Faith and spirituality nurture hope for some infertility sufferers. The nature of this hope might shift from the hope that comes from believing that prayers will likely be answered, to the hope that comes from believing that some issues are supposed to be. Guided by religion, these infertility sufferers have an abiding sense that there are forces past them making certain a protected and constructive consequence of this journey.

In working with people and attempting to handle hope and caution as they enter a primary or second or fifth IVF cycle, I’m all the time cautious to depart it to them to gauge hope. Over the years, it has been humbling to see some folks obtain essentially the most unlikely pregnancies whereas others are mired in disappointment.

These experiences have left me with a profound respect for folks’s potential to titrate optimism and caution as they make their manner via infertility. There are occasions when a bounty of hope feels proper. At different occasions, infertility vacationers must shelter themselves with caution. This was my takeaway message from the psychiatrist mother I met at that gathering so way back.



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