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Saudi Women Vote Arabia King

Saudi Arabian men will vote for the country's second ever local council elections on Thursday amid the kingdom's efforts to quell anti-regime protests by giving women the right to vote in 2015....

Jackson Trial Doctor Michael Death

Live coverage of the trial of Michael Jackson's personal physician, Conrad Murray, who is charged with involuntary manslaughter of the singer....

Bid Un Palestinians Statehood Palestinian

Western diplomats say Palestinians have only six certain votes out of nine needed to pass security council resolution granting them full UN membership; PA envoy to UN: "Process moving forward step by ...
Jerusalem Post

Plane Nepal Everest Mount Tourists

Three Americans were among the tourists killed when a plane crashed near the Nepalese capital, Katmandu, after a tour of the mountains, officials said....
New York Times

Fire House London Children Killed

A chest freezer may be cause of a fire at a north-west London home which killed a mother and her five children....

Birmingham Counter Operation Terrorism Arrested

Six men were charged Sunday night in England for terrorism-related offenses, just less than a week after being arrested as part of what authorities called a "major operation."...

Subway Shanghai Train Crash Trains

A Shanghai subway train crashed into another that had stopped underground between stations yesterday, injuring more than 210 people, in the latest trouble for the rapidly expanded transport system in ...
The Independent

Details of American Jobs Act

 By keith justin gallagher
Chris Workman
Updated 1 week ago
72 aggregated story articles
President Obama addressed Congress on Thursday night with a crucial speech he called the American Jobs Act, which had implications not only for the American economy, but for the 2012 Presidential election too.

The main highlight was a $447 billion proposal to incentivise growth and hiring, fuelled by tax cuts and spending measures.

The main cause for concern is the US unemployment rate, currently at 9.1%. This looks to potentially be the crucial topic during the campaign next year.

Some Republicans have expressed interest in finding compromises on certain aspects of the proposal, although many have dismissed the whole package as electioneering.

Labour conference underway

The Labour party is holding its conference in the UK this week, and leader Ed Miliband and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls have already been making strong policies and promises.

Miliband opened by challenging David Cameron's leadership and calling for a tax cut to kick-start growth. Balls then followed by proposing a five-point plan to enhance Labour's economic credibility. ...
by Chris Workman

3000 jobs cut at major UK defence firm

UK defence company BAE Systems is to cut up to 3000 jobs in the north of England. The news has been expected by employees since the public spending cuts were introduced.

The announcement of the final figures was met with anger from union bosses, who were critical of the length of time that members had to wait for confirmation, as well as the government's decisions involving slashing defence spe ...
by Chris Workman

Amanda Knox appeal intensifies

Amanda Knox, appealing against her conviction for killing British exchange student Meredith Kercher in 2007 in Italy, was described as "diabolical" by the lawyer of the man she tried to blame for the murder. ...
by Chris Workman

Champions League woes in Manchester

The fallout from last night's Champions League matches is consuming both Manchester clubs as they look to rebound from disappointing results and performances. ...
by Chris Workman

Rescue operation for Welsh miners

Rescue operation for Welsh miners
A rescue operation is underway at a colliery near Swansea, Wales, after four miners became trapped.

Three others were able to escape, although one of those is said to be in a critical state in hospital. ...
by Chris Workman
Professional TweeterProfessional Tweeter
Owl Marketing

Minister Information Egypt Years Powerful

Former information minister Al Feqqi found guilty of wasting $1.8 million in public money...

Kindle Amazon Fire Tablet Ipad

Amazon is launching a tablet computer aimed at challenging Apple's iPad by extending its Kindle brand into the world of full-colour, multipurpose devices....

Dewani Shrien Murder Africa Secretary

Shrien Dewani will be extradited to South Africa to face trial over the murder of his wife after Home Secretary Theresa May signed an extradition order....

Dead Son Salon Newport Woods

Newport teenager Jack Williams, the son of a man who shot his estranged wife at a local beauty salon, has been found dead....

Travellers Site Heritage Status Illegal

Residents of the UK's largest illegal travellers' site in Essex have applied to English Heritage to gain official protection status for the scaffolding gateway at the entrance to the site....

Inflation German September Accelerated Notes

German notes declined, with two- year yields rising to the highest level in two weeks, after government reports showed inflation accelerated to the fastest pace in three years in September....