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by Kathryn Will for The News Portal at 1:43am on 7th of October 2010

The lawyer of accused Saudi Prince denies the suggestion that his client was having a sexual relationship with his aide, Bandar Abdulaziz. Abdulaziz, 32, was found dead on February 15, 2010 in their shared hotel room in London’s exclusive Landmark Hotel.

Prosecutors believe the murder was sexually motivated.

As the Old Bailey murder trial continues, witnesses’ today heard how a male escort visited the Prince’s hotel room two weeks before the murder. The escort, Pablo Silva, told the court how he “stripped” to give the Prince a massage. Silva could not be certain if the massage had a ‘sexual element’ to it.

Hotel porter, Dobomir Dimitrov, who visited the pair’s hotel room, described the men as a “gay couple”. He claims the men were acting in a homosexual manner by colour-coding their clothes and talking with an effeminate tone.

While the Prince admits to killing Abdulaziz, he denies it was murder.

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