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Breastfeeding - Areas - Private - Working - Government

 Updated 5 hours ago - Contains 9 aggregated news articles
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• Source: Manchester Evening News
Working mums could be given special areas set aside for them at the office where they can breastfeed their babies. The government wants to encourage firms to adopt ‘breastfeeding-friendly employ ...
• Latest story updates:

Manchester Evening News
11:16am 29th November 2010

Firms asked to give working mums 'breastfeeding breaks' in private rooms
Manchester Evening News
10:07am 29th November 2010

Breastfeeding rooms for the office mums
Sky News
12:00pm 28th November 2010

Bosses Urged To Set Up Breastfeeding Rooms
4:30am 28th November 2010

Private breastfeeding areas urged

France - Air - Crash - Airbus - Search

 Updated 7 hours ago - Contains 8 aggregated news articles
• Story update history:

• Source: Dawn
PARIS: France’s defence ministry says a French Rafale fighter jet has crashed into the waters off Pakistan after its pilot parachuted to safety. The Rafale was operating from the aircraft carrier Ch ...
• Latest story updates:

1:30am 29th November 2010

French aircraft crashes into Pak waters
11:00pm 28th November 2010

Air France Voiced Speed Sensor Worries Before Crash
New York Times
12:00am 28th November 2010

France Approves New Search for Wreckage of Plane
France 24
2:00pm 27th November 2010

AVIATION: Air France points finger at Airbus over Rio-Paris crash

Coast - Ivory - Presidential - Election - Run

 Updated 4 hours ago - Contains 16 aggregated news articles
• Story update history:

• Source: France 24
Despite reports of bloodshed and political intimidation, the head of the U.N mission to the Ivory Coast said that the country's presidential elections Sunday had been conducted in a democratic atmosph ...
• Latest story updates:

France 24
7:30pm 29th November 2010

IVORY COAST: Presidential elections declared democratic amid wait for results
The Independent
7:00pm 29th November 2010

Low turnout after Ivory Coast election violence
10:08am 29th November 2010

Ivory Coast awaits run-off result
7:50am 29th November 2010

Ivory Coast awaits election results

Eu - Budget - Cameron - David - Leaders

 Updated 1 hour ago - Contains 102 aggregated news articles
• Story update history:

• Source: BBC
"Restoring confidence takes time" - the comment from one European Commissioner following Ireland's 85bn euro bail-out, but behind closed doors officials are likely to be worrying about just what it wi ...
• Latest story updates:

11:16pm 29th November 2010

Eurozone 'confidence takes time'
8:30pm 29th November 2010

EU Sees Slower Growth Amid Shadow of Crisis
1:00pm 29th November 2010

EU Says Growth to Weaken as Crisis ‘Shadow’ Remains
Xinhua News Agency
1:00am 29th November 2010

Ireland says bailout talks with EU, IMF conclude

Miliband - Labour - Ed - Leader - Party

 Updated 5 hours ago - Contains 44 aggregated news articles
• Story update history:

• Source: PressTV
Britain's Labour party leader Ed Miliband is to unveil new policy lines, including seeking public opinion in the future leadership contests to improve his party's face. ...
• Latest story updates:

11:30am 29th November 2010

UK Labour moves to regain public trust
12:30pm 28th November 2010

Miliband formulates his blank page policy
5:30pm 27th November 2010

Ed Miliband says Labour can return as people's party
1:00am 27th November 2010

New Labour lost its way - Ed Miliband

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