The new Rams logo is good, but don't overcomplicate it


It is tempting to throw away the new Rams logo, but the most important downside is that the latest uniform reveals an inclination to be too difficult.

God bless the Rams, who continued their plans to unveil new uniforms on Monday to a frightened and cynical viewers. We are very a lot awaiting the outcomes of a terrifying pandemic, having spent days locked up with out one thing we will make enjoyable of collectively on the Internet. In idea, an organization testing its new branding efforts at the moment and place was like throwing a bucket of useless flies into the frog tank.

This might make somebody from our place say that the new "LA" logo is extra just like the truck design of a meals distribution and restaurant enterprise. Or, like signage on a flashy urology clinic primarily based in Florida. Or, that the curved ram's horns seem like half-moons stolen from the "Coexist" bumper sticker in your aunt's Ford Fiesta.

The reality, nevertheless, is that the new logos are nice – and possibly even a little bit cool. There are 4 in whole. The font is elegant. The new Ram has some historic significance and appears good on a blue cap. But they do reveal one of many largest issues with the revelations of uniforms in latest occasions, which deserves some thought as we transfer in direction of a glove of modifications and redesigns of New Jersey over the following few months ( taking a look at you, Tampa Bay).

We are inclined to overcomplicate these items. On the new Rams design website, they speak concerning the curvatures of the horns and the way they’re calibrated with the Fibonacci sequence. There appears to be extra architectural and aesthetic concerns concerned right here than your complete design course of for the MetLife stadium. The Jets' unveiling final yr was additionally like that. The white on the highway uniforms should have seemed just like the LED headlights of a taxi (or one thing like that), whereas the inexperienced was impressed by grass alongside the Long Island Expressway. Next, everybody heads to Reddit to evaluation the fan specs, wishing the staff had purchased the design work for XxRevisIslandPiratexX as a substitute, which turned the helmet right into a fire-breathing aircraft.

The Buccaneers might have given us ice cream uniforms just a few years in the past after they redesigned, but as a substitute we had a nightmare catastrophe in Ambien that was nearly universally resolved. Sometimes the obvious resolution is the suitable one.

Uniform modifications don’t have to be daring statements. They don't have to meddle with the remainder of the small print and the corporate's wading pool in an effort to pacify each human being on the planet by means of rigorous focus group testing. They don't have to appear like the floating leaves of a Culver City palm and adapt to the customized Californian life-style. For probably the most half, switching each few years between the uniforms that we remembered as kids, and the uniforms that got here after that and the uniforms that got here after that will in all probability be sufficient. At worst, or does the response lean in direction of nostalgia and much from hell what is it? Isn't it a model of what we had carried out for years on Madden, switching between the 1950s helmet and the 1970s pants and the 90s uniforms till one thing visually pleasing materializes?

If a staff is not a part of the outdated NFL franchises with cemented and immutable logos, they may all the time fall into this stylistic purgatory. The trick is to appreciate that you simply don't need to do it.

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